Using Spreadsheets in the LockDown Browser

Last month we invited faculty to be part of the pilot program for the LockDown Browser. We’ve been asked how to use spreadsheets with it. In this post we will explain how you could use the LockDown Browser for those kind of assignments or exams.

In the first example a link has been provided so that the student can solve the problem using the “Mortgage payment calculator” spreadsheet and then answer the multiple choice question.



Alternatively, the student can be allowed to create or modify a spreadsheet and then submit it for grading. The example below shows how a question can be phrased and how the student would have to submit their spreadsheet. The instructor would later see a list of all the submitted answers and then open the URLs with the browser of their choice and check the answers with an Excel-like spreadsheet tool.

After the student has clicked “Click here to save your work” in the spreadsheet, a box will appear to remind them to paste the URL in the text box. saveyourworkspread4



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