How to Turn Off Notifications in a Collaborate Ultra Session

The Blackboard Ultra Session is a useful way to collaborate with students.  With this tool comes many new and exciting features — and some not so fun ones.  If you’ve spent any time in Collaborate sessions, you know that the addition of new individuals to a session or chat messages trigger an alert  notification, which can be distracting.  Below outlines directions on how to shut it off and continue on with your Collaborate sessions in peace.

1.  Hover over the avatar (or your picture) up in the lefthand corner.  A wrench image should pop up, with “My Settings” written above it; click on that.


2.  Click on the “Notification Settings” dropdown menu.


3.  Click on the checkmark next to “Audio Notification” to disable the notification sounds.  You can choose to do this for when someone joins or leave a session, as well as when a new message is received.


And that’s it!  Enjoy your collaborate sessions without the distraction of notification noises.


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