Bb Student Mobile App

BB StudentWondering how you can access Blackboard on the go?  Look no further than the “Bb Student” mobile app (free on iOS, Android, and Windows phones).  This is a new version of the “Mobile Learn” app that you may already be using to access your Blackboard courses.

How to begin:
1.  Download Bb Student on your iOS, Android, or Windows phone.
2. Once the app is downloaded, open it and type in University of San Diego.
3. Enter in your login information (username and password) for Blackboard Olé.

What you can access with Bb Student:
1. Course activities and announcements
2. Courses, grades, and class updates
3. Documents, assignments, tests
4. If your professor uses Blackboard Collaborate (video conferencing), you can join on-the-go.  (How to use Collaborate)
5. Bb Student will send push notifications to your phone when assignments are due, when you receive new announcements, or when grades/tests/content are posted.

A Quick Guide to Bb Student

On the left is the “Activity Stream” which will show any current or upcoming activity for your courses (including assignments due, announcements, grades, content added, etc.). Items are prioritized automatically by the app.

On the right is the navigation menu, accessed by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper lefthand side of the screen, or by swiping down from the top of the screen.  As the image shows, you can access individual courses, grades, and due dates, as well as update your profile.  To log out, click on the circle and arrow on the upper righthand side of the screen.

For more information and a recap of this post, watch the video below.

Here’s to a great new semester!


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