Students – How to Create Portfolios on Blackboard

Blackboard has numerous resources available to students, including portfolios.  Students can compile past work into these portfolios to share with prospective hiring managers or graduate schools.  Multiple portfolios can be created for different purposes, such as displaying research or examples of writing.  Read below to learn how to create a portfolio.

Creating Portfolios

The My Portfolios page is the launching point for viewing, creating, and reviewing portfolios. Access the My Portfolios page from the global navigation menu at the top right of the page. Select “Tools” and click “Portfolios”.

To learn how to make a portfolio, watch the step-by-step video below.


Artifacts are evidence of learning, frequently accompanied by reflection by the artifact owner. Artifacts are pieces of content that you can attach to a portfolio and reuse.

Course artifacts are graded content from your course and remain available to you even if you no longer have access to your course. Personal artifacts are any content—text, files, links and multimedia assets—you create/upload.

Using the Content Editor

Learn how to share your portfolio here.


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